Fanquestions September 2009
1) Why don’t you answer your fans‘ mails on MySpace and why don’t you follow them on Twitter? Because they chase you?
I answer on MySpace, but there’s so many mails, that it’s impossible to answer everyone or to read every mail ^o^ Also it’s a matter of time ;D
Since we have to do a lot – the job contents far more than "standing on stage"! On Twitter I don’t follow thousands of people, cause then I can’t see what the people, I actually follow, write ;D Even so I often cast a glance at the @heromancer-messages ;D
However Twitter is rather a spreader of information than a possibility to chat ;D For that there’s sometimes other alternatives like the Cherrytreerecords Chat ;D ^o^
2) What sports do you like the most?
There’s lots of sports, which I acted out or would like to practice again, also some, which really interest me, but there’s some factors at the moment, why I can’t do it now ^o^.
3) Do you go jogging?
No, rather not ;D But I like to go for a walk, jab, music in the ears and go, is really relaxing me.
4) Can you laugh about Mario Barth?
If he’s funny, then I surely laugh about his joke.
5) Why don’t you wear your nose ring anymore?
A. Can’t be bothered ;D B. Still have a scar from Jason from Chiodos, who caressed my wing of the nose with his guitar at a show accidentally XDDD (Was an accident, awesome show, super guy, awesome band!!)
6) Did you ever have prejudices, which were false in the end?
Sure ;D
7) Do you have an idol? Who?
I don’t have a real idol, cause I don’t wanna be like him or him, I just do my own thing ;D
8) How much time do you spend in the internet on average?
9) Do you think the "real" punk has died out?
10) Do you have a fave song by "Die Ärzte"?
Too many ;D
11) Would you want to be in the delivery room at your babys’ birth?
Of course ;D I wouldn’t leave my wife alone there ^^
12) Do you play tricks on others?
If it’s funny ;D
13) Did you have a lot of women?
A gentleman enjoys and keeps still!
14) Could you imagine a future without own children?
15) Do you have a key to the "secret"?
The way is the goal!
16) Have you ever cried because of happiness?
17) Do you think your adult in relation to your age?
90%, yes!
18) Have you given your keytar a name? Which?
Yes ^o^ A very beautiful one ;D
19) Would it be bad if your girlfriend would wear glasses?
Whether nothing or glasses or contacts, I like everything ^o^, and mostly it looks pretty good ^o^.
20) What has been the strangest place you ever had sex at?
In the middle of a city, under an archway at the entrance of a big building ;D
21) What’s in your opinion the best sentence a woman could say to a man? (Except "I love you" or "You’re everything to me")
Words mean nothing as long as her eyes tell everything and one sinks into them and feels like the time has stopped.
22) How do you prefer having fun?
On many kinds ;D
23) Do you think, that (in a relationship) both should be responsible for prevention or that just one of them is in charge of it?
In a relationship 2 persons agree on something, the decision should be fair for both.
24) Do you use guitar effects for your keytar?
Till now not on stage (depending on guitar sounds on the k.) ;D But some nice effects are in it from the beginning, also in the guitar-area, and one can install more himself ;D
When I record things for me or for the band for collecting ideas with the k., or with it and the Juno-G, I use also guitar sounds or one or the other effectboard. Also for jamming or when I just play for fun ;D The possibilities have almost no limits.
25) Can you chop wood, really with the axe?
Yeah, I’ve done this earlier for the family!
26) Do you really want to have tattooed a real sleeve?
27) What was the first song you could play on guitar?
Pennywise – Bro Hymn
28) Have you ever jumped sitting on a horse? (Volunteer)
Yes, I can ride a horse!
29) What do you like cooking the most?
30) What would you do if you met the woman of your dreams on a concert?
The most probably, I’d fall in love ;D
31) Why do you have such a pronounced protective instinct?
Seems to be in my soul ^^
32) Do you fear being alone?
33) 3 things you’d prohibit your children
Drugs, the teletubbies and the dark side of the power!
34) Have you ever slept under a table?
I’ve slept at the strangest places under the strangest conditions.
35) Are you able to play soccer?
On the console, of course ;D It’s a few years ago ;D But I wasn’t that bad as keeper.
36) Does the knight have a black or a white horse?
The knight can go by foot very well, too!
37) Are you able to growl?
I’m rather with screaming and shouting
38) What’s the best/worst memory of the we’re-all-toyz-tour so far?
Awesome people – Awesome shows!
Been ill most of the time and then always unloading trailers, building up, cabling, getting ready and after the show wet through with perspiration taking down everything, packing in and back to the trailer before finally having a shower.
While being ill, that’s really annoying…
39) Do you watch The Simpsons? If so, who’s your favorite character?
Yeah, I don’t know, I love them all ;D
40) What’s the most beautiful mail or comment, you got from a fan?
I keep it a secret, that’s too personal for the other person ^o^
41) What had you done before you started the interview?
I made a vanilla-capu.
42) What are you gonna do after that?
Drink it out.
43) What instruments are you able to play? (except keyboard)
G. B. M. BF. T.
44) What band are you currently listening to the most?
Bless the fall
45) Do you have a favourite band?
Some that I prefer to others ;D
46) Do you have a favourite TV-Show?
A few, but I often don’t have enough time ;D
47) What’s annoying you about the german TV-program?
There’s just too much crap!
48) What would you change in this country if you could?
Too much!
49) Is your room tidy?
Most of the time, yes!
50) Do tattoos have to have a meaning or can they also just be beautiful?
Not without meaning!
51) Who tidies up the kitchen later?
My trick is very easy ;D While I’m cooking or preparing the meals, I arrange everything, and while something’s sizzling, cooking, whatever, I just wash up everything, that’s not needed anymore ;D Saves time and nerves ;D
52) Which spice can’t be missed in your kitchen?
Many, many!
53) Do you choose the brave option in another restaurant/country and order something you don’t know?
54) What do you think of hiccup?
It can be cute when women hiccup ;D When oneself has it, it’s just annoying ;D
55) Have you been good at school?
Healthy dose ;D
56) Have you ever been caught speeding?
57) Would you tell a woman if her skirt stuck in her tights?
Either yes, decently, or just in the right moment without letting her get to know, pull into shape ;D
58) Do you do weird things in mental derangement sometimes?
Sure ;D
59) Why did you absolve your civil duty (by an old interview) in a hospital?
Cause I wanted to use the time meaningful to help people!
60) What has the civil duty done for your life?
A lot, especially I have experienced things that harden oneself.
61) Is the origin/colour of the skin important on a girl’s look?
You never know, who you’ll love.
62) How can you pack in clothing for 3 weeks touring? Do you sometimes wash them in laundrettes?
Right ;D On tour there’s the wonderful opportunity of going to a laundrette or washing the clothes in the club ;D
63) What would you do if there was a apocalypse of zombies?
Save who can be saved.
64) If you could design your own shoe collection, would you do it and how would it look?
Totally rocked! ;D
65) Is it important to you that your friends and family accept your girlfriend or doesn’t it matter as long as you can only love her?
Let’s say it like that… If she was the right one… The one, who should it be… Then everything fits… Conditions, surroundings and everyone understands each other or one bends it that it fits. And Love and To be in love are poles apart…
Life goes on
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