Fanquestions November 2009
1) Do I know, as fan, when you’ve found your true love?
2) Except English: Which languages would you like to speak or can you speak fluently?
There are so many languages that are wonderful.
3) Did something of Strify’s hyper rub off on you?
XD We’re all hyper.
4) What are your fave books at the moment?
The Secret
5) Is it true, that you’re spoken for someone?
No, I’m still single, but I’m fighting for a relationship.
6) What happened to “From Outset Crisis” and are they still together?
Don’t know.
7) How was your first time?
Very beautiful.
8) Do you like rain?
I love rain.
9) Would you prohibit smoking to your kids?
I think, at least till they’re 18 years old.
10) Do you want to have a daughter at first or a son?
I believe, it’ll be a daughter at first ;D
11) Do you have a fave kart in Mario Kart?
Nope ;D
12) What’s your fave food?
13) Where have you learned riding? And why?
I’m from the country ;D Nah, it came along ;D
14) How reacted your mum, when you began to paint your face?
Relaxedly ;D
15) How would you describe yourself to a blind man?
Humanly ;D
16) Have you ever smoked shisha?
17) What’s your fave liquid?
18) Which brand of cigarettes do you prefer?
19) Have you succeeded in breaking up smoking?
I think I’m gonna break it up soon again ;D
20) Do you have a fave pizza?
21) Do you have a fave colour?
22) Would you like to have a pet at the moment?
We’ve got Yu’s cat here ;D It’s awesome ;D
23) With who from the band do you live together?
The guitarist
24) With who from the band do you usually share one room on tour?
Differently ;D
25) How many sisters and brothers do you have?
Several ;D
26) Do you buy Christmas presents in advance or shortly before Christmas?
Let’s see.
27) Which hair colour do you prefer on girls?
28) What do you think of flatrate-parties?
Not my style.
29) What handy do you have?
One that is fine ;D
30) Do you have a Nintendo DS? If so, what’s its colour?
31) Are you happy at the moment?
Mostly yes ;D
32) What would you like to ask a fan?
No idea.
33) Is there any fruit or vegetable you can’t stand?
34) What’s faster in your head: Names or faces?
35) Have you ever been mistaken for another famous star?
36) Are you gonna let yourself vaccinate against swine flu?
37) What do you think of motorbikes?
38) Do you have a car for yourself? If so, which one?
At the moment, no.
39) Was the musician project before CB Neo Rising?
Neo Rising was a thought, an option, but later it wasn’t the project before CB, it has another name and the group’s gonna start rolling next year.
40) When will the second part of the We’re-All-Toyz-Tour start?
It was the Russia-Part, but we’re gonna check it after some concerts ;D
41) Do you like the Christmas time?
In fact yes, but in some points not.
42) Are you content witch your look?
But of course ;D
43) Is there something that only your mum or your grandmother can cook really good?
Some things ;D Duck by grannie is the best ;D
44) Are you afraid of spiders and other insects?
45) Do you feel queasy when you drive on a road where you had an accident?
46) Since when are you listening to “Die Ärzte”?
In the moment not, in the past more often
47) Have you ever been to a “Die Ärzte”-concert?
On several.
48) Do the fans from different countries also scream differently?
Well, in different languages ;D haha
49) Have you ever been in Nuremberg and neighborhood?
50) Has a fan ever succeeded in getting to know your private telephone number?
Yo, but one can change it ;D
Life goes on
Bizarrefreaks: 35800 Besucher;D
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