Fanquestions August 2009
1)Would you date a girl that is bigger than you? If so, what would be too big for you?
sure , I think the fun ends at 3 meters ;D hahahaah
2)How did you celebrate your birthday?
nicely ;D
3)Where did you grow up and did you like it there?
at the oh so beautiful Westerwald , sure ! ;D
4)Did you have pets when you were younger? If so, what kind of?
Hamsters-cats-dogs-guinea pigs-rabbits-
budgies-etc-etc-etc XD
5)What do you think about your performance in the clip of "I came 2 Party"? Would you have liked showing yourself more often to the camera?
The cut is the regisseur's thing-cough-
6)Do you enjoy having children around you?
Actually I don't have some ;D the perfect woman is still missing XD
7)What do you think about Jennifer Rostock? Do you like the music or do you construe it as disgusting?
The music is produced well ! And the 2 of them i have talked to till now sometimes at a club are definetely easygoing !
8)What has been the last concert you have visited and how did you liked it? (As a guest)
That's been a concert of some underground hardcore and emo-bands and it was really good !
9)How do you seduce a girl?
;D The lady has to find it out by herself ;D , i'm spontaneous and don't have a methode ;D play with me <3 ^^
10)How do you make yourself interesting for girls?
When i wouldn't be, would this question be asked ? XDDDDDD
11)Flirting or being flirted at?
Both is pretty awesome ;D
12)What's an eyecatcher about women for you?
The special touch has to be there
13)Do you know the band "Tears for fears"?
Sure they had the hit "Mad World" which i liked a lot more in the coverversion of Evergreen Terrace xDDD
14)Have you already read "Wer die Nachtigall stört" written by Harper Lee?
No not yet.
15)How do you like "Dark Dudes"?
don't know them !
16)Are you afraid about the fact that some fans could think Luminor isn't in the band anymore because of you?
17)What piece of clothing is an absolutely "NoGo" for you?
the one i don't like ;D
18)In a relationship is the "hunt" important to you?
Of course ;D interactionally indeed ;D
19)Your favourite songtextline at the moment? Of you and other bands?
there's not really one ;D but i'll say >>>>
Keep on rocking in the free world XDDDDD
20)What do you think about false nails?
as long as they go over my back i find it awesome ;D
21)Are you able to draw? If so, how well?
I haven't drawed for a long time
22)Which bands/artists are overrated in your eyes?
I don't think about stuff like this.
23)How far are you able to do horsebackriding? Could you be convinced to do a jaunt on a horse into the green?
Style - Western , yes i think it would benefit myself once again and make fun ^o^
24)Would you be a good father and what would be your weaknesses?
Yeah somehow ^^ , no idea ;D
25)How would you call your children?
I'll talk about it with my wife ;D i can't decide it on my own of course ;D
26)Would an open relationship be a possibility for you?
27)What do you wish for the most at the moment?
That our album sells well so we can do a lot better tour!
28)Are you (in a relationship) faithful to your girlfriend or do you cheat sometimes? Did you ever cheat on one of your girlfriends?
When you are happy with your life, the relationship and all circumstands i think you are faithful when involved ones see it like this.
Except there are some other arrangements or you like it in a threesome, as a foursome... XD
29)I've read at Yu's fanpage on one of the questionaries that you are living in two flat shares. Who lives with whom and how is the cohabitation like?
works well ;D
30)You do so much for us fans, photos, CB-TV, CBR, CB-Videoblogs and still have a thousand of other appointments.
Isn't it too much stress? Do you sometimes want a longer break or can you handle it pretty well?

Therefore taking a break from time to time ;D, then everything goes on ;D
31)Are you albe to be faithful or do you need sex not matter who is reachable?
I don't have a girlfriend, so ;D
32)What has been the oddest thing you ever ate on bread?
Butter, salt, pepper, daisies ^^
33)Where do you never want to spend your vacation?
in the cellar XD
34)Who annoyed you the last?
My email-account with a full spamfilter ;D
35)What do you do with wallpaper which you got as a present?
oh well when i'll build a house ;D i have something for the livingroom XDDDD
36)Have you ever stolen something? If so, what?
As a child - sweets
37)Do you have a favourite brand of coffee? If so, which?
38)How do you handle unfaithfulness?
Depends on the arrangement ;D
39)What makes you thoughtful?
Everything that moves you ;D
40)Which comedian is the funniest?
there are some !
41)Do you miss your family sometimes?
of course
42)Are there skateboards hanging on your wall?
No - unfortunately i didn't ride nearly any longboard for already 2 years
43)Do feel the pain while tattooing/piercing extremly or doesn't it matter to you at all?
Self control is everything ^^
44)Have you read/seen "The Silence of the Lambs"? How did you like it?
Yo i know , oh well it's okay .
45)What do you do to make your eyeliner stay long?
nothing ;D
46)How old are your siblings?
different ;D
47)Can you handel bitchieness?
Sure ;D
48)Vampires. Do you believe people that pretend being one?
Simply having a mirror with you XD
49)What shouldn't be missing at christmas?
the 24th of Decembre
50)How can a girl make you feckless?
Find out by yourself ;D
Life goes on
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