Birthdayinterview 09
What do you wish for your new year of age?
A lot of tours, playing many shows, just an awesome time ;D

Which birthday cakes do you dig?
I’m not so into cakes at the moment XD

Which star should be on your party?
There should rather be all people that lie at my heart ;D
Was there any birthday that was so terrible, that you just wanted it to be over?
How was your birthday, when you lived at home? Was there still a party with your family?
Sure ;D Family parties are great ^^
Do you rather give coupons or has it to be something special for the person?
That depends on what’s in one’s head at the moment ;D
Do you like self-made gifts?
It’s the gesture that counts.

We thank you very much for taking some time and answer our questions and wish you just the best.
Love Lexa and Rin


Life goes on
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