Fanquestions July 2009
1)Are you able to speak french? If so, how good?
Yes a bit, I understand more than I'm able to speak.
2)Do you believe in vampires if so, which sort of vampire do you prefer, the hard one like Dracula or the romantic one?
Vampires are nice ;D but Lycans are way cooler ;D
3)Are you a vampire? If so, would you bite one of you female fans?
No I would more be a Lycan ;D I bite just for fun or in bed ;D
4)Why don't you sing the new songs?
Because I don't want to sing in this band ! ;D
5)Are you going to sing background at the concerts?
No because I don't want to sing in this band !
6)What made you post your "real-life-love-story"?
There are some things which shouldn't be forgotten and which are way to beautiful to just keep them by yourself.
7)Did the person comment your story?
perhaps ;D
8)Do you just accept a no or do you walk straight to the person and convince him/her concerning yourself?
It depends on the person...
9)How long do you know Yu?
Long time
10)Do you like to party?
Of course!
11)Are you able to dance?
Perhaps ;D
12)Are you in a realationship right now?
No !
13)Do you like emos?
I am one and i like it ;D ( clicheés are so unnecessary ;D )
14)Which eyecolor do you like most brown, blue or green?
i like my blue eyes.
15)Could you imagine starting a realationship with a fan?
You never know where love goes to.
16)What should be more on earth?
Food ;D
17)Which makeup do you use?
18)If you would have the opportunity to do three wishes, which would it be?
When getting up it would be coffee, breakfast in the bed and sunshine.
19)Which band have you first been fan of?
Roxette ;D a long time ago
20)Do you have arguments with each other sometimes, because you all live together?
Nope ;D
21)What was reaction like when the others asked you to be in the band?
22)How long does it take you putting your makeup on?
oh look a bird ...
23)What's your most expensive piece of clothing?
A certain leather jacket...
24)Which person would you like to meet once if you would have the opportunity to?
The love of my life ;D
25)Which kind of food do you hate?
seedy one...
26)What is the beautifulest or funiest thing, that happened at the USA-tour, you can remember?
No bitchying in the toilette ;D
27)Which person do you look up to?
not really looking up to but there are some which i think are really cool like Wil Smith or Angelina Jolie
28)How old have you been when you had your first tattoo done?
29)Do you use shakespearquotes in talks or chats sometimes?
not on purpose
30)How long do you style like this?
since I'm about 15/16
31)What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
it's not clean and is not going to be released here XD
32)Are you addicted to twitter?
a bit ;D
33)What would you never do for money?
Disclosing my principles
34)What would you barely do for money?
pfff no idea ..
35)What makes you angry?
Guys hurting women, rasists and idots and incompetence
36)Do you have fun answering all this questions?
I'm at 36 it's pretty funny ;D
37)Are you interested in Fanfictions? What do you think about them?
pretty funny sometimes
38)What's your favorite travel destination in summer and winter?
39)Which lilithcolor do you like best?
i like all of them ;D
40)Music or love? What's more important to you?
Both !
41)Are you able to be self-ironic?
me no way ;D ei sure ;D
42)Which cigarettbrand do you prefer?
43)How much sleep do you need to be fit?
it depends
44)Do you have a photoalbum?
not really
45)What are you allergic to?
against incompetence
46)Do you like raisins?
Wine berries are super as well ;D
47)When was the last time you've lied?
can't remember
48)Would you adopt?
49)When you're drunk: Are you gettin louder or more quite?
party with me and if I really drink too much you can check it yourself ;D
50)Are able to make use of punk?
sure ! I have been a punk-ska-singer !
51)Can friendship become love?
Perhaps don't know it never happened to me
52)Which german singing band do you like?
We butter the bread with butter ! The Toten Hosen ! The Ärzte !
and some others
53)When did you have your first time? How was it?
With 14 , super ;D
54)If guys would be able to get pregnant: Would you do it?
definitely not ;D
55)Which headline would you like to read about you?
Saves the world ;D
56)What kind of car would you like to drive?
A flying one ;D
57)Do you like football?
It depends !
58)Would you emigrate? If so, where to?
Perhaps ;D wherever it's nice ! ;D
59)Do you have plenty of scars?
dispite the tattoos ;D
one because of foolishness
and some from rows in the youth
60)Are there things you regret?
61)Are you social engaged?
If I'll have the opportunity to do more one day i'll definitely use the chance.
62)Do you have a favorite sentence?
Not at the moment
63)What do you do when you're nervouse?
listening to music
64)Do you wear flip-flops?
not really, but in fact they're really cool ;D
65)Which haircolors did you already have?
66)Can you understand things like being bi-sexual or polygamy?
Everybody should do whatever he/her likes. For me I could never imagine having something with a guy! no way
67)Are you able to ride a horse?
68)Do you spit on the ground?
It could happen on stage XD
69)Milk or cacao?
both of it is great ;D
70)When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
yesterday ;D
71)In what kind of situation are you shy?
no idea
72)What do like most to cook?
Everything !
73)Are you able to do multitasking?
Most of the time yes !
74)Are you ticklish?
no comment ;D
75)What are you thinking about right now?
(what are you thinking about right now)
76)Do you have a good sleep?
joa !
77)Could or would you date a girl from another country? If not, what would be if she would be ready to move to your place?
So dating and moving together are worlds apart ;D
i don't care where a girl is from ;D the main point is that i like her ;D
78)Are you using a girl?
79)Are you a womanizer?
80)Are you remembering people you sometimes talked to over MySpace if you meet/would meet them in real life?
Happens occasionally
81)What makes you happy?
Real affection !
82)Are you scared that the fans blame you for the day you accepted to be a part of Cinema Bizarre?
Blame for what? ;D the sentence isn't complete ;D
83)Why did you make the desicion to leave From Outset Crisis and go to Cinema Bizarre?
First of all i left my old band and had after quite a bit of search even with some abortions because I first had to find competent musicians, which finally were provided by studiomusicians, another project with a producer. Which I left for Cinema Bizarre and handed over my position as singer to a friend of mine. because I loved to make music with my best mates ;D
84)Why did you start to smoke again?
not gonna answer this ;D
85)Which parfume do you use at the moment?
3 different ones ;D
86)When was the last time you had a cold?
already some time ago
87)Writing or reading?
both of it is useful ;D
88)Law or anarchy?
Without rules there is chaos ... that wouldn't be that great ...
89)What's your favorite gemstone?
90)Do you have a favorite ice cream sort?
91)What's on your left?
A human ;D
92)Where would you like to spend your honeymoon?
Gonna talk about it with my wife.
93)What did you do last night?
party and chilling with some friends from California, Austria and Berlin at my place ;D
94)What's the first you can remember in your life?
Something amazin ;D
95)Did you ever have a Blind-Date?
96)What's your favorite sport?
97)What are you thinking about right now?
(What are you thinking about right now)
98)What are you going to do when you have finished this questionanry?
drink something
99)What does the wing on you upper arm stand for?
For avouching for other people.
100)Who decides how often and when you go on tour?
The booking agency, the label etc.
101)Are you training togehter with Yu or all alone?
it depends ;D
102)Do you fancy motorcycles?
You bet ;D
103)Are your sibs younger or older than you?
Younger ;D
104)Which supernatural abilities would you like to have?
I would love to be a Jumper ;D
105)Which color is your toothbrush?
red-white at the moment bout i change it really often ;D
106)What can't you understand about the opposite sex?
too much ;D
107)Are you collecting something?
perhaps ;D
108)Have you ever danced nacked in the rain?
not that ;D but I already had some other experiences nacked in the rain ;D
109)What's the strangest device you know?
A power-counter-return-device ... it's not legal..
110)Is the band going to change it's standpoint to the USA?
Nope ! How come ? ;D bullshit ;D
111)Which song do you prefer to perform live?
Toyz ;D
112)What do you think about the fact that the release is being postponed incessantly?
no comment ;D
113)How do you come upon when people say that you look alike Yu?
so what ? maybe it could be ;D I don't care ;D
114)Do you have realtives in another country?
On another continent ;D
115)Why did you become a vegetarian?
Because !
116)Where would you like to have a holiday apartment?
Everywhere ;D
117)Where have you already spent your vacation?
In Europe nearly everywhere
118)Are you still leaving the house without makeup even without sunglasses?
I'm pretty lax I do what I feel like doing ;D
119)Is there a song you would like to cover?
sure ;D
120)How is the realationship to your Dad by now?
pretty good ;D
121)Are you disappointed or does it depress you to get him to know so late?
I pretty much like it know him now ;D
122)What happened to your Blog is someone going to post something on it or is ther going to be another one? 
Creativity goes into a new phase ^^
123)Are you checking your weight regularly?
Nope ;D
124)Do you donate blood?
no didn't do it yet
125)Are you able to play classic music by heart? If so, which pieces?
nope ;D cause i don't like it ;D
126)Define what's romantic for you!
Romanticism is too diversified as that I could it define without writing a novel ;D
127)How much time could you affort for a realationship beside the band?
No idea ;D I don't have one ;,(
Life goes on
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