Fanquestions June 2009
1)Your favourite Spongebobcharacter?
Patrick Star
2)Do you remember the name "Alexander Marcus"?
Freaky guy, very funny!
3)Are you rather tidy or untidy?
Both at the same time!
4)You had a great one-night-stand last night, were plenty drunk and wake up the next morning next to a woman thinking: "Holy shit... What have I done?!?" Could something like this happen to you?
5)Are there certain haircareproducts you prefer? (Especially concerning smoothing your hair)
Bed Head, Keratase
6)The last book you've read?
The secret
7)Did you enjoy working at an hospital while civilian service? Which were your duties there? Transport, nursing auxiliary and so on?
Inner station, it was ok.
8)What or who makes you laugh easily?
Shin's funny spontaneous actions
9)Wacken, Wave Gotik meeting or Summerbreeze? Where would you prefer being at?
10)Favourite areas at Berlin?
There are none!
11)Cinema: Popcorn with sugar or salt? Coke or Fanta? Ice cream or M&Ms?
12)Who would you more prefer having a drink with: Dita von Teese, Kate Moss or Angela Merkel?
From the three of them Kate Moss.
13)Do you know The Doors? If so, how do you like them?
Pretty ok.
14)Concerning girl's underwear: more cute, romantic with frills and stuff like that or more athletic and simple?
I prefer variety ;D , the main thing is that it should be nice looking!
15)Have you ever worn a string?
16)Short or long?
Long ;D
17)At the moment which CD is in your CD-Player?Repeating Itunes and Ipod - Eyes set to kill - The world outside
18)Later when you're older and having a family would you prefer moving to the countryside or staying at the city?
That comes down to it... I think rather countryside.
19)How do you imagine your "dreamdate"?
In first line with the woman I love more than everything.
20)With what do fellow men overawe you the most?
21)Are you allergic to anything?
Normally not!
22)Rather winterromantic at a ski lodge in front of the fireplace or a sunset at the beach?
Both, sunsets win a few points more!
23)Which nailpolish do you use?
Black XD
24)How would you handle your girlfriend's infidelity?
25)Which are your criteria for marrying a woman?
True love
26)A couple of daughters and sons or rather just one child- of course with the right woman?
2-3 Children
27)Would your family accompany you on tour or would you be a weekenddaddy?
No idea
28)Big wedding with church and so on or just one in a small circle perhaps at the beach?
I'll talk about it with my girlfriend ;D
29)Engagement and then? Marrying as fast as possible or waiting a long time for the wedding?
Don't know.
30)Have you been a sweet child or more the rebel?
31)How did you manage being in personal contact to so many bands?
I love the music, jamming at the rehearsal room, same wavelength in conversations, telephoning and so on
33)Are you still a vegetarian?
34)Which german bands do you like best?
Beatstakes, Donots
35)When and how has your first tongue kiss been?
Good, at my first girlfriend's place.
36)Do you want more piercings? If so, where?
Let's see ;D
37)Yoghurt or curd?
38)Cellotape or glue?
39)Why is the banana crooked?
Because nobody walked into the jungle and pulled it straight!
40)Do you think you're good looking?
You bet ;D
41)Do you go voting?
Perhaps! ;D
42)Did it pay off for the humans to climb down from the trees and walk on the feet?
Sure how else should Shin play drums?
43)Are you able to imagine a relationship to a fan?
If I love her ...
44)Have you ever been at a ladies' room?
45)Have you ever had sex outside in the winter?
46)Have you ever dialed the wrong number and then tried to get contact with the person at the telephone?
47)Have you ever tried illegal drugs?
48)Are you able to lose or do you sulk?
Of course I'm able to lose as long as it's in a game ;D
49)Phoning or writing text messages?
50)When was the last time you took a shower?
This morning!
51)Who was the last person phoning you?
52)What's the worst thing happening in a relationship?
... the end
53)A serious reason to break off?
54)How do you treat grief? More alone or talking about it?
That depends!
55)Which question would you prefer answering? What would the answer be?
From a certain person > Do you think about me ... Answer > Yes
56)What do you think in the main about Rudolf Steiner schools?
Really interesting!
57)Do you miss living at home with your family sometimes? If so, what exactly do you miss about "Hotel Mummy"?
No !
58)What do you prefer the most about Yu?
Same wavelength!
59)What would you do if you're a woman for one day?
Not moving out of the bed!
60)Which instruments do you play?
A plenty ;D
61)How does it feel reaching and experiencing so much in such a short period of time?
REALLY AWESOME XD But always stay grounded!
62)Are there any days at which you're thinking: "That's just a dream and I'll wake up any moment!"?
...Yes !
63)What's your favorite fruit?
64)What are your weaknesses?
They’re enough, I work on it!
65)What’s your favorite type of books?
Good ;D
66)Is there a favorite author?

67)Are you watching the news daily?
Not always!
68)What’s your favorite book/film?
The secret / for now > Blood &Chocolate
69)Would you wear loud pink clothes, if someone would pay you?
70)Do you know "What’s Michael?"?
71)What’s your opinion to people who pose as family members or your girlfriend?
One’s own fault XD
72)Imagine this situation: You’re going to have a date with a girl you really like in a few minutes – Are you nervous or really calm?
I’m totally nervous but I don’t let it show!
73)Are you still a nonsmoker?
Most of the time!
74)Where do the pics that were made in Hamburg appear?
Maybe in a magazine… But I’m not really informed of it.
75)Are you pre-planning or spontaneous?
76)Which is the sweet you’re not able to stand up to?
77)Are you watching telenovelas?
No, no time!
78)Which sentences do you never want to hear?
A number of…
79)What do you think of Hannah Montana?
Pretty cute, the little M. ;D
80)What’s your favorite number?
There’s none!
81)Would you mind, if your girlfriend would still be a virgin?
82)Who’s stronger: Yu or you?
Changing ;D
83)If you got the offer of living one day in the year 2025, would you accept it?
Perhaps ;D
84)How many of your friends do you know since school or even longer?
Enough ;D
85)How easy can you be affected by friends and fans?
86)Which song of Cinema Bizarre could you imagine a classic-version of, with grand piano and orchestra?
My obsession
87)If you could choose an opening act, which would it be?
Estrella Drive
88)What is more important on people, good looking or the character?
Sincerity and honesty!
89)How many sisters and brothers do you have? (How many older and younger?)
90)Which 3 things would you take with you to a lonely island?
Guitar, recorder, helicopter
91)Have you took fancritic to heart in the beginning?
XD no ;D
92)Are there still some fan-comments which occupy you in these days?
Perhaps ;D
93)Would you be afraid of fans stalking you and your family?
XD I know how to defend and I know how to dogfight ;D and my family is everywhere far far away ;D
94)Who is "Butterfly" you wrote about on twitter?
First it's a "she" and a long gone love ....
95)Let's say, just hypothetically, that you lose your way and get lost. Where would the others most likely find you?
In any Rock-Alternative-Metal-Emo-Club
96)To be or not to be?
I am ;D
97)Do you like Romeo and Juliette?
98)What qualities should a true fan have in your opinion?
Love and support and the will to support the band also with buying the CD and tickets.
99)What is the secret of maintaining originality of the band at every concert?
5 creative heads which work like a clockwork together and get along with each other perfectly in privatelife !
100)Have you had a good time in America?YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
101)If you had one or two free days in Paris for visiting something, what would it be?
On tour with a good friend from a magazine, rockclubs, rehearsal rooms, at other shows!
102)Are you really living in a flat-share with Strify, Yu and Kiro or are you living alone?
We’ve always lived together, we’ve also moved all together!
103)With who from the band can you make nonsense the best? Why?
Shin, the guy is awesome!
104)Which hair/eyes color do you prefer on women?
It has to fit the woman!
105)Have you ever skipped school? If so, why?
Yeah ;D Just for fun… Sorry, youth sin!
106)Which is your newest DVD?
Blood & Chocolate and Krabat
107)Is there a habit of one of your band mates that annoys you?
Not really!
108)If you could choose: Egypt, Finland or Japan? Why?
Everything, cause I love travelling!
109)What was your favorite subject and what didn’t you like at all?
Maths +/Biology –
110)In former times did you ever want to become anything different than a musician? If so, what?
No !
111)Did you ever have a car accident or got to one?
3 ! The last survived because of luck !
112)What was the funniest thing a fan ever asked you?
Who are you ?
113)When you just got to know somebody are you open or more reserved?
open !
114)What do you never want to read about you?
several things
Life goes on
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