Fanquestions May 2009
1) Is there a song, that makes you cry?
Only if I connect it with a special memory or experience, that may well be ;D
2) Which do you attach more importance to: the love to music or the love to a woman?
Music is my passion, the right woman on my side is missing, so I can’t answer this.
3) How many languages do you speak? (Even if only a bit)
There are a few ;D
4) How do you drink your coffee?
Mostly black
5) Do you have a favorite flower?
Lily, Rose.
6) Are there german bands, you like?
Sure ;D
7) What’s romantic to you?
Many things in various moments or situations are romantic, you can’t generalize this.
8) Have you ever been involved in a fight?
9) A song, you listen to over and over?
Bless the fall – Wait for tomorrow
10) What would you do, if it didn’t work with music once?
I’ve always made music and I’ll make it forever!
11) What are you gambling most?
Guitar ;D
12) What do you like most of touring? Are there things that annoy you? If so, which things?
Touring is just wicked ;D !!!!
13) Are you looking forward to the tour? To what especially?
I’m looking forward to every tour! Live shows, seeing the world and having a lot of fun ;D
14) Would you let cut your hair close?
Not for now ;D
15) Would you let dye your hair rather purple or pink?
16) Rather short-haired or long-haired (on women)?
It’s a question of type ;D It depends on the woman!
17) How far would you go for love?
For the true love I ‘d do everything!
18) How long did your last relationship stand?
Two and a half years!
19) What’s important for you in a relationship?
Everything must fit…
20) Do you like Taylor Swift only as person or do you also like her music?
She’s just awesome ;D Some of her songs are super, too ;D
21) Which kind of interview (for TV, magazines, internet pages, fan questions or only questionnaires) is the greatest fun?
Mostly I like by guess and by gosh filmed interviews ;D
22) Which kind of interview (for TV, magazines, internet pages, fan questions or only questionnaires) is the most interesting to you?
All interviews are interesting!
23) Are you afraid, a fan would faint in front of you?
No, why? ;D After all, I have two strong arms ;D
24) Which song do you play on stage preferably?
My FAV. is going to be one of the new soon ;D Hehe ;D An initiative from the rehearsal room, soon on stage, too ;D I won’t tell you, which it is and why I like it now ;D
25) Have you learned something in your time with CB up till now? Have you become more mature?
If you don’t learn anything, you fall by the wayside and rust ;D I learn with passion ;D
26) Were you afraid, before you let tattoo you, that you’d dislike them sometime/ they lose their meaning?
No / and they can’t!
27) Could one hand over small children or babies to you for about 5 hours or would you despair of them?
28) What’s your opinion of demonstrations? Would you participate in one? If so, for what?
I rather belong to people, who do something, than standing around and babble!
29) Do you have stuffed animals in your bed?
No. But many pillows ;D
30) Can you care good for plants or are they all dying at yours?
When I’m at home some time, nothing dies ;D Fresh herbs for cooking are always important ;D
31) Do you miss your “old” life?
Counter question ;D Which of them all do you mean?
32) Why the hell are you refusing singing?
XD Who says I don’t sing? Or don’t want to sing? Only in Cinema Bizarre I won’t sing, ‘cause I don’t want to ;D
33) How did you strike on the idea of giving yourself such a beautiful name?
Long story… Heartache and stuff… Same reason for wearing a special ring almost all the time… Dates back a few years…
34) Do you get out of bed easily or are you a morning grouch?
Easy going!
35) With which could someone chase you out from bed, faster than you prefer?
With a bin of water, or if someone calls for help.
36) Are you afraid of something?
37) What does really disgust you?
Mildews in hotel rooms XD
38) To which music event would you like to go as a normal visitor?
I’m always where I can and feel like going to ;D
39) Were you a virtuous pupil?
Sometimes this, sometimes that.
40) Have you ever got a truly embarrassing present?
A present is never embarrassing!
41) Meanwhile, one knows, you can cook. So, would you be a good house husband?
42) Do you have technical skills? Can you attach images on the wall properly? Build up a shelf?
Also, from building up furniture to stonewalling to, to, to…
43) Do you dub your instruments, too?
44) Do you talk with things from time to time?
With my laptop, when windows hangs ;D
45) Do you think, you’re a good driver?
XDDDD I think, I'm a fast driver ;D
46) Did you clash through your driving test?
One time, through the practical test, although, shortly afterwards, next try, succeeded ;D
47) Can you sew on a button, stitch holes or knit?
Of course… Just drop the knitting
48) How are you dealing with lack of sleep?
49) What do you like of yours?
The comprehensive package ;D
50) Do you have an ordinal force?
Only as far as my kitchen is concerned, it has always to be top!
51) Have you ever bitten someone?
XD This is simply happening, when you’re having sex ;D
52) Do you think you’re a good listener?
I do!
53) Are you jealous?
In a relationship, yes!
54) Do you picture your wedding for yourself in day dreams sometimes?
Yes, I do ;D
55) Do you think of names for babies sometimes, or is this something typical of women?
There are a few ideas of names, yet ;D
56) Can you  bake?
57) The most beautiful nature phenomenon, you’ve seen?
The most beautiful sunset in the eyes of my big, lapsed love…
58) Can you dance? Like standard dance/ couple dance? Waltz, foxtrot, tango?
I’d have to become acquainted in it again… I could get Vienna Waltz maybe.
59) What do you do, if your day has been really shitty?
Listening to music and sleep!
60) Can you do a handstand/ headstand? Yes? -> show
Yep, to flic-flac and blah… Show on occasion!
61) What’s upsetting you easily?
Men, who beat up women.
62) What’s the fiercest you ever did?
Category sex > In the night in the inner yard in front of the desk in a hotel.
Category adrenalin > Fights with a few skinheads, featuring knives and glass bottles
63) Do you like amusement parks? What are you driving on preferably? Are you afraid of specific attractions?
Amusement parks are super, only a bit slow ;D
64) Are you getting sick easily?
65) Are you able to see blood?
66) Are you able to apply first aid?
67) What’s unforgivable to you?
68) Would you describe yourself as romantic?
If the sun sets and you dream into the night… then the answer is yes…
69) Are you planning on having more tattoos?
Yes, I’m waiting for the completion of my – for a few years planned – arm sleeve… And let’s see what’s going to be next ;D
70) What of your concerts do you like mostly?
Just everything ;D To be on stage is the feeling of living!


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